PHP MVC Tutorial: Understanding the Model-View-Controller

PHP MVC Tutorial: Understanding the Model-View-Controller

PHP MVC Tutorial: Understanding the Model-View-Controller

The Model-View-Controller is an architectural framework and also known as design pattern too that breaks an application into three main logical components such as:

  • The model
  • The view
  • The controller

All the three components are very important for any application as it handle all the specific development aspects of that application. MVC is amongst the most used industry-standard web development framework for the creation of scalable and extensible projects.

About MVC Components

MODEL: It belongs to all the data related logic with which the user works. It can be used to represent:

  • Data that is being transferred between the View and Controller components
  • Business logic related data

For example, a Customer object grab the customer information from the database then manipulate it and update it data back to the database.

VIEW: It is used for all the UI logic of the application.

Example, the Customer view contains all the UI components such as dropdowns, text boxes, etc. with which the final user interacts.

CONTROLLER: It belongs to the interface between the Model and View components to process all the business incoming and logic requests. With the help Controller component we are able to manipulate data using the Model component and receive the final result.

For example, the Customer controller holds all the interactions and inputs from the Customer View and updates the database with the help of Customer Model. And also this controller is used to view the Customer data.

Laravel, which is very powerful and popular PHP framework. With every survery it is declared that Laravel provide flexibility to developers to build projects.

You can see the directory structure of Laravel PHP framework :

directory structure of Laravel PHP framework

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