What is HTML Editor vs Text Editor

What is HTML Editor vs Text Editor

Everyone wants to know about the features of HTML editors that makes them different from other HTML editors. I this section we will let you know about all these features.

So anyway, what is HTML Editor?

An HTML  editor is a one of the specific piece of software that helps in the creation of HTML code. Likewise all other top email editors HTML editors allow users to enter raw text.

For the maintenance of website most of web developers use HTML editor because of the fact that HTML editor can boost productivity enormously.

HTML Editors vs Text Editors

Main difference between these editors:



  1. Functionality in creating web pages quickly and easily- More


The fact is that you can also code HTML with the help of basic text editor. This will make your life easier. HTML editor will detect an opening HTML tag, so it will automatically insert the closing tag for you that will reduce the amount of in the typing required. Some HTML editors are known as "WYSIWYG editor", allowing you to edit in WYSIWYG mode. This will help you in creating a website in the easiest possible way.

Now you are curious to know "What is an HTML editor with WYSIWYG mode?"

WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get". The only difference it will create is that the web developer can edit the page at the same time.

WYSIWYG editors allow the developers to move page elements by "clicking and dragging" them around the page. If you want to format your text then you can use WYSIWYG editor after that click the "Bold" button (or whichever button you need). It's kind of like editing a preview of your web page.

These editors are better described as an HTML editor with WYSIWYG mode. The user can switch between "WYSIWYG view" and "Code view”.


  • HTML and CSS autocomplete helps in automatically detecting the code of HTML AND CSS (for example, closing tags). This feature is known as “code completion”.

  • HTML entities library allows you to insert HTML entities with a click of the mouse.

  • Site Explorer allows you to navigate the files in your website using a hierarchical menu like internet explorer.

  • (Built in FTP client) Some HTML editors enable you to FTP to your web server straight from the HTML editor. This makes publishing much quicker and easier.

  • Search and Replace. Search only specific files such as files with an .html extension).

  • (Split-Screen View) This is where you can set up the screen to show half code, half preview.


  • Phase 5 HTML Editor

  • SynWrite Editor

  • Notepad++

  • Sublime Text 2

  • Package Control: packet manager for Sublime Text 2

  • Aptana Studio 3

  • Programmer’s Notepad

  • PlainEdit.net

  • jEdit HTML Editor

  • Sublime Text 2: unofficial documentation

  • Adobe Brackets

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