Postgres Phppgadmin problem - empty SQL dump after export

Postgres Phppgadmin problem - empty SQL dump after export

In this post, You will get the solution of empty SQL dump after the export database from phppgadmin.

I had also faced this issue while I was working with PostgreSQL and that time I was confused that for what reason it's dumping out the empty SQL file even database was not empty.

With the help of Google, I find the solution that I am going to share.

Working with Postgres 9.5, the '-i' option that means ignoring the version differences is causing an error, since it has been removed.

This option was deprecated from the Postgres 8.4 but it is removed from the version 9.5

To resolve this issue, i will have to modify our dbexport.php that you can see in /usr/share/phppgadmin directory on ubuntu and in window you will find in htdocs/phpPgAdmin folder.

Change the line from :

$cmd = $exe . " -i";


$cmd = $exe;

And then change -



echo passthru($cmd);

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