Basic concept of Object Oriented Programming

Basic concept of Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming in PHP is faster and easier to execute.

Object oriented programming (OOP) was first introduced in php4. Only few features of OOP were available in php4. Advance features and major concept of the object oriented programming in PHP is introduced from version 5 which is commonly known as php5.

Object-oriented programming is a style of coding that allows developers to organize the data and structure of an application into classes.

One of the major benefits of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) programming is that, if you need to change some information in your program then usually only one change is required to update the code.

Using oops concept in php, you will get lots of advantage and it gives you standard way to re-usability.

Its easier to maintain large application, suppose websites are developed by using normal programming techniques. In that scenario you will have to analyse that how many places you have defined code for same use after finding all places you are going to made changes, so its going very difficult for you and let's think about OOP technique you just need to change in your functions of class and after changes it will be automatically reflect where you call this method.

You can create seperate class for each module then you will have to change only in their business logic part. This process is known as Molecularity

Using OOP concept in PHP, you can avoid repeating of code, which means once you have write a couple of code in your method then you can re-use it in your page by calling the function of class.
As in real life, you can notice that everything it means whole universe is made of different objects such as PANCHABUTA or FIVE ELEMENTS (Earth, Water,Fire, Air, Ether).

Similarly, we can take example of car which is made of different objects like wheel,steering, gear.

Same way php oops concepts assume everything as an object.

Before knowing about basic concept of object oriented programming, know the main pillers of OOP(ObjectOriented Programming) which is mention below :

1) Class andObject

2) Polymorphism

3) Abstraction

4) Encapsulation

5) Constructor

6) Destructor

7) Inheritance

8) Visibility in PHP

9) Interface in PHP

10) Static Methods and Properties in PHP

11) What is $this Variable Vs self in PHP 

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