iOS is better than Android

iOS is better than Android

There has been a debate since quite a long about the better OS. Is it Google's Android or the Apple's iOS? Well if you are looking for the same question then this article may help you get a much better picture about the two.


The features provided by the Apple's OS is minimal and quite simple to get accustomed with. While the Google's OS provide a lot of modularity means you can change your layout screens, your app icons and almost everything there in your phone which can be quite confusing at times.

As we have grown in an era which had keyboards and mouse, it will be easy to have a simple OS on a touch friendly device.

One Brand that does it all

When you say of iOS, it's either iPhone or iPad but when you talk of Android there are millions and millions of device makers with their own skin on the OS and alot of irritating apps that user just ignores every single day. And even today, every single phone is compared to an iPhone in terms of camera, battery backup, display resolution and everything else.

And the biggest android device maker Samsung sees Apple as its biggest competitor in the world.

The most consistent performer

Compared to iPhone, Samsung phones have better specs and the better performance but their sales doesn't reveals that. Their sales chart has been fluctuating and infact they lost quite a lot of money at the time of Galaxy S5.

But Apple's iPhone has the most consistent sales chart uptil now. There are hundreds of people standing at the Apple Store after the launch of new iPhone and it goes out of stock within seconds.

Better Customer Service

The Apple has been known for the better customer service. The Apple Care provides the best service to it customers so that people who spend dollars on their phone don't feel that they have cheated. The satisfaction of their customers has been the soul responsibility ever since.

Security Features

In this modern era, where data stealing and online crime is on the rise, iPhone provides the best security features for it's users. Although Android phones now have iris scanner and finger print scanner but when the compared to the data security on the whole and not just only on the deivce , Apple is a lot more secure and Android is more prone to malwares.

Application Development

Developers will better understand this point because the application development in the iOS is much easy as compared to Android. For making an app for the iOS, Xcode is the IDE which uses Swift Language.

The IDE is simple to use and the swift language is intepreted language which is a combination of most languages present in the market like perl, java, c, etc.

For making an app for Android, Android Studio or Netbeans is the IDE with Java as the language for development. Android Studio is quite bulky to use and it's also less secure as compared to Xcode.

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