What is iOS and what are its key features

What is iOS and what are its key features

In the fast growing technological era, where iPhone and iPad are gaining popularity and are becoming everyone's favourite, only a few technology geeks rather technology lovers know "What is iOS?" and from where it all started. Well, this article is for all those people who want to know the history and description of iOS.

iOS, formerly known as iPhone OS, is Apple's mobile operating system used to run the popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. the name of iPhone OS was changed to iOS after the introduction of iPad.

iOS first came into the world in 2007 at the WWDC when Steve Jobs introduced the first ever iPhone and since then iOS has only moved ahead. The iOS is one of the most used platform for mobile devices.

iOS uses multi-touch interface to operate the device, like moving your finger across the device to move to the next page or pinching your fingers to zoom ion or zoom out of the screen.

iOS Features

iOS includes a number of features some of which are unique only to iOS and are people's favourite. Some of the features are :

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, along with support of VPN.
  • Simultaneous search through files, media, applications and email which is known as Integrated Search Support.
  • Support for gesture recognition - for example, shaking the device to undo most recent actions.
  • Push email for your recent mails.
  • Integrated front and rear facing cameras with video recording capabilities.
  • Simple and easy access to the Apple App Store wioth access to more than one million applications in the field of music, entertainment, education, movies, etc.
  • Compatibility with Apple's cloud service, iCloud.
  • Personal assistant called Siri.
  • Air Drop for cross-platform communications between various Apple devices.

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