Laravel Tinker with PHP Artisan command to update user details

Laravel Tinker with PHP Artisan command to update user details

In this Laravel tutorial, I will tell you about the 'Tinker' one of the awesome features in Laravel application which allow user to interact with entire Laravel applications from the command line.

You can put all eloquent queries on command line with the help of tinker.

With the help of Laravel's lesser-known features, You can quickly read data from the Database in Laravel application.

Laravel tinker is a repl (Read–Eval–Print Loop) powered by the PsySH package.

Before tinker, install the laravel application and the run the migration command to create table :

php artisan migrate

After running migration command, you will see the following output :

php artisan migrate command

Now run artisan command to enter into tinker environment :

php artisan tinker
php artisan tinker Seeding Database with Test Users

First, we will seed our database with 10 new user details by running following line of command :

factory(App\User::class, 10)->create();
seed database using factory method

You can count the total number of users in the database by running following command :

Adding a New User

You can create a user from the repl. I have already told you that you can put your eloquent queries just like you write code in Laravel application :

  1. $user = new App\User;
  2. $user->name = "Ajay";
  3. $user->email = "";
  4. $user->password=bcrypt('123456');
  5. $user->save();

Output :

Create a new user using tinker

Update User Details

Run the query to update user details :

  1. $user = App\User::find(2);
  2. $user->name='Test User';
  3. $user->save();

Output :

Update user details using Laravel tinker command

Delete User

Run the following query to delete user from database :

  1. $user = App\User::find(1);
  2. $user->delete();

Output :

Delete user using Laravel tinker command

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