laracasts/flash Easy Flash Messages for Laravel 5.2 Application

laracasts/flash Easy Flash Messages for Laravel 5.2 Application

If you want to send a notification to the user who performed some action in your application then you may use flash messaging.

The notification could be like that "Good job, Item has been created." Or: "You are now logged in." This requires a way to store things in the session within a single request. The way of handling the process is given below:


First, you need to install the package in your application through Composer to use flash functionality.

You can directly run following command to pull flash package :

composer require laracasts/flash


You can add libraries in composer.json file and then update composer by following command :

Add below line of code in your composer file :

"laracasts/flash": "^2.0"

Run composer update command :

composer update

Now add service provider within config/app.php file.

'providers' => [


Add flash message in controller before you perform redirect that means before redirecting to url or route set the flash message.

  • public function Auth()
  • {
  • flash('Welcome to!');
  • return redirect()->route('dashboard');
  • }

To show this flash message in view include flash in layout view


You can also pass the class name to flash message to display message in different styles.

  • flash('Your message','info')
  • flash('Your message','success')
  • flash('Your message','danger')
  • flash('Your message','warning')

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